School Office Mailing – January 2019

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Dear School Office Colleagues,

Happy New Year! Welcome back! We hope 2019 is off to a positive start! As we begin this new calendar year, we start getting ready for the next school year. With hiring season sneaking up on us for the coming months, you can start preparing by finding hiring forms on our new website. That link is also where you can find packets for pastors, principals, and supervisors for their Intent to Renew forms. Resources and evaluation forms for current employees can be found on as well.

3 Helpful School Office Links at your fingertips!

CHANCERY PARTNER HIGHLIGHT: The Washington State Catholic Conference! The WSCC mission is rooted in the Catholic community’s belief in the dignity of the human person, our tradition of service to the most vulnerable of society, and our firm commitment to a just and peaceful world. THIS IS A GREAT LINK TO PLACE ON YOUR LOCAL SCHOOL WEBSITE TO INVITE AND ACTIVATE FAMILIES THROUGH FAITHFUL CITIZENSHIP!

The WSCC represents the Catholic Bishops of Washington in their efforts to support public policies that promote the common good. These efforts include:

  • Developing a public policy agenda and coordinating the advocacy efforts of the Catholic community in the state of Washington.
  • Engaging with public authorities, legislative bodies, and other civic organizations.
  • Working in coalition with other advocacy groups on issues of shared concern.
  • Creating advocacy resources for use in our faith communities throughout the state.

Key links:

January Key Events:

January Checklist:
– Submit to Elementary Pastor: Elementary Pastor Intent Packet
– Submit intent to OCS: Elementary Principal Intent Packet
– Submit intent to OCS: Secondary Principal Intent Packet
– Submit to HS Supervisor: Secondary Supervisor of Principal Intent Packet
– Plan for new hires: Recruitment Timetable
– Begin 2019-2020 Academic Calendar Planning – Due March 1st
– Celebrate a wonderful Catholic Schools Week
Celebration of Light: Fulcrum Foundation
– Plan March Regional Curriculum In-Service Day

for your hard work to open wide the doors to our Lord, Jesus Christ!
If we can be of service, please contact us!
Sandy Barton Smith and/or
Eugenia Geisel