Refugee Artisan Initiative – Face masks and more!

Refugee Artisan Initiative, RAI, provides sustainable work for refugee and immigrant women here in Seattle.

CO-FRIENDLY & FAIR-TRADE PRINCIPLES: As part of the Refugee Artisan Initiative, they:

  • Hire and train immigrant women with sewing skills.
  • Enable artisans to work from home in an enterprise that needs little space.
  • Help women overcome language, transportation, and cultural barriers to employment.
  • Use recycled and repurposed materials, so our goods are easy on the environment.
  • Treat workers as collaborative and creative partners.
  • Help provide inroads for immigrants to enter into mainstream American life.

A new RAI project, in collaboration with Satsuma Designs, is creating face masks with school logos, uniform accessories, school uniforms, and more.

Satsuma Designs and Satsuma Uniform garments are made in Seattle by a local team that contributes to our community and economy.

Face Masks

Uniform Accessories

Uniform Apparel

The local contact person for Satsuma Designs is Jennifer Porter at