Christ in the Classroom Level I – Catechetical Certification for Teachers of Religion

Christ in the Classroom Level I – Catechetical Certification for Teachers of Religion

Level I online coursework through Augustine Institute’s Symbolon program and the Archdiocese of Seattle, Office for Catholic Schools, for teachers of religion and elementary school principals.

2020-2021: CIC Level I- Catechetical Certification is minimally required for teachers of religion and elementary school principals to strengthen our catechetical knowledge of the Catholic faith so we can pass on the gift our faith to our students. The OCS is in partnership with the Augustine Institute using the online platform teaching the Symbolon Series. Please read the CIC Level I Overview carefully to study the details of the Symbolon Series and how schools can enter into the program.

CIC Level I-Cohort 3 registration process is occurring through the principal to secure appropriate numbers of license subscriptions for faculty and staff! While each license subscription has a three year life span, we have noticed an increase of teachers completing the Symbolon series in one year or less as we have been in a remote learning environment.


Catechetical Certification for Catholic Schools – Level I. Please join us in participating in the 2020-2021 Christ in the Classroom (CIC) Level I-Cohort 3. Interested schools joining Cohort 3 started signing up August 1st! The direct link to ordering your three year subscription to the Symbolon series through the Augustine Institute:  pending.   Registration opened August 1, 2020 and will close December 15th.
       Step 1: Sign up and register for your school’s three year subscription to the Augustine Institute’s Symbolon Series using the Intent to Opt-In for 2020-2021. 
       Step 2: Download the CIC School Instructions for Administrators document from the Augustine Institute to set up your cohort of learners within the online platform.
      Step 3: Begin! Download a copy of the CIC Level I – School Guidebook from OCS to guide you this year.

Step 4: When the teacher has finished the Symbolon series, the teacher needs to complete a gravity form questionnaire which is embedded into the final Symbolon course. Once the teacher hits the “submit” button, the information code needed to claim clock hours through PdEnroller will be shared. If you have any questions about this process, please contact

******If you experience any technical difficulties with the Symbolon online tool, please contact directly:
Stacy Wendt, Manager of SYMBOLON – FORMED Administration.
Augustine Institute
W: 815-543-4738 or 630-246-2223
FAX: 815.895.0333

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