Learn Survey Findings of The Matthew Project on 5.27.21

The Greeley Team will be presenting their findings on Thursday, March 27 at 11AM at the Principals mtg. We thank all schools for their gracious support of participating in the The Matthew Project survey and cohort focus groups. Thank you!

The Matthew Project: An Implementation Plan for Addressing the Needs of the Diverse Learner in the Archdiocese of Seattle: This project is a collaboration between the Archdiocese of Seattle, the Office for Catholic Schools, the Andrew M. Greeley Center for Catholic Education at Loyola University Chicago, and the Fulcrum Foundation.  This multiphase project aims to use baseline data to develop a systemic plan or roadmap to advance efforts in meeting the needs of diverse learners over the next 3-5 years. Phase one of this project is to gather data about our current practices in meeting diverse learners’ needs.  As part of this process, perspectives of teachers, pastors, parents and school administrators helped develop a comprehensive picture of our current practices.