Paycom Payroll Update

Please be aware of the following aspects of the Paycom process:

(1) If you have issues with what your employees were paid in Payroll Group II or Payroll Group I please create a detail description of those issues by employee and email them to

(2) Please compare all  Accruals for each of your employees between ending Ultipro and beginning Paycom balances. If those amounts are different they will need to be manually corrected in Paycom by someone at your location that has the credentials to do so. If that person is not familiar with how to do so, please email

(3) If the Federal Income Tax withholding is different in Paycom from Ultipro, keep in mind that the withholding system was changed in 2020 by the IRS. If the employee’s W-4 on file in Ultipro was for 2019 or earlier there will be a difference in the withholding. The IRS has a tool to evaluate how that withholding would have changed  – see . This may help you see why the withholding has changed.

If you are not getting answers to your Paycom questions, responses to your Paycom issues or just need assistance, please let me know.

Thank you

John Sullivan