Addressing Paycom Payroll Issues for Your School

Every location has some issues with the Paycom Payroll of their Parish and School. It is important that the primary Payroll Processor at your location shares those issues in detail with Payroll Services and Arlene Seifert. If you do not, those issues may not be corrected.

Some items to be aware of:

(1) Are the beginning accruals in Paycom the same as the ending accruals in Ultipro ? You should review everyone’s accruals to make sure the accrual balances match. If they do not, your primary payroll processor will need to correct them.

(2) Similarly primary payroll processors should check to see if the Accrual Rates for each employee was correct from the beginning of our use of Paycom and is correct in Payrolls since.

(3) Were the elements of each employee’s first Paycom paycheck comparable to the last Ultipro paycheck ?

(4) We can correct our Federal Income Tax Withholding ourselves. Your Tax Setup section of the Self Service area of your Paycom settings can be modified to bring your withholding to the level you prefer.

Thank you

John Sullivan