Securing your April 2021 ACRE Scores

Dear School Leaders,

Just double-checking to ensure you have secured your school’s Grade 5 and Grade 8 ACRE assessment data from last April’s testing window (April 2021).  If not, please follow these simple steps to secure your school’s data:

  • Go to
  • Log into with your email and your password. (Please set up your password if you have not done so before – it wants your work email and your password)
  • Click blue button for LOGIN
  • Go to either Reports or Dashboard – It may say GROUP: Archdiocese of Seattle (Group account #32380). If so, use the pencil and change to your school’s account number.  (This is the # used to order your online materials.)
  • Once in, scroll down this splashpage and you will see titles like NCEA IFG Materials, Resources, My Courses, and towards the bottom is REPORTS.
  • Click on VIEW Reports – Schools should have at least 2 reports from 2020 – Level 1- Grade 5 and Level 2 – Grade 8 – these are for the 2020-2021 school year.  If your school has taken the ACRE for a few years, you will see those annual reports stored here too.
  • Select IFG Reports – you should see 2 reports – those are the ACRE reports – one for Grade 5 and one for Grade 8. You can download the pdfs, excel, etc. whichever way you need the data.

Participating schools: You have your data … now what? This one pager can assist you as you review your school’s data:  IFG_ACRE-OnlineReportAccess-Instructions-041519  plus the OCS data review resources to break open the data and align to the OCS religion standards with your faculty.