2022 Fall Data Collection

Dear Presidents, Heads of School, and Principals,

The Fall Data Collection is very similar to last year, except for the following changes:

  • Professional Staff is now specifically defined as President/Head, Principal, Assistant Principals, Guidance Counselors, and Teachers. Use this cohort to count Race, Ethnicity, and Type.
  • To conform to the NCEA data collection, the question of Professional Staff leaving from last year is now restricted to Teachers leaving.
  • A new question has been added to the Elementary page which asks for the count of kindergarten students who were previously in your Pre-K program.
  • Another new question asks for the count of Hispanic/Latino students who were identified as White in the Student Race section.
  • Finally, a list of names and email addresses is needed for staff holding certain responsibilities. The desired list of lead staff contacts is at the end of the traditional four sections of the online Gravity Form (link below). The position names are also listed in the Fall Data Collection Excel Spreadsheet attached to this email.

We previously sent out the Spring Data Collection, but only half the schools completed it. We hope that those schools who have not completed the Spring Data Collection, will complete it in conjunction with the Fall Data Collection. This essential data is used primarily for the annual OCS Databook, which includes the required report to NCEA. It is also used to compile the Indices of Vitality, your annual individualized longitudinal report. We are asking that you complete these two online tasks by September 30, 2022. After that date we will be sending emails or calling you daily. This task is not optional, if you are delegating this task to someone else, please forward this email to them immediately.

As a best practice, we suggest you first complete the Excel spreadsheet Fall Data Collection Spreadsheet – Elementary and/or Secondary. The NCEA enrollment data must be equal in two different ways. For example, the total sum of enrollment by grade must be the same as the total sum of students by race. These Total calculations are made for you in the attached spreadsheet.

Once all the data is correctly entered, you can go online and enter it efficiently.

The online Spring Data Collection is still available at: 2022 Spring Data Collection

The online Fall Data Collection is currently available at:  2022 Fall Data Collection

If you have questions or problems related to OCS data collection, please contact Janeal Grosinger. We appreciate your work on this essential annual task.

Thank you,

Nicholas Ford                                                                                     Janeal Grosinger

Superintendent                                                                                Office for Catholic Schools

Office for Catholic Schools                                                            (206) 382-4861

Nicholas.Ford@seattlearch.org                                                 Janeal.Grosinger@seattlearch.org