Early Learning Newsletter October 19th

Early Learning Update Week of October 19th, 2020

Each week I will send out an Early Learning Update email.  These are meant to be quick updates on any relevant items for the week including resources, Professional Development, new health department info and more. Please see this weeks news:

Items Covered:

  • ALL: Face Coverings Reminder
  • ALL: Trainings and Articles resources
  • ALL: Pictures Drop Box
  • Licensed Only: STARS hours timeline
  • Licensed Only: Training/Education Reimbursement
  • Licensed Only: DCYF Grant and Professional Development Webinars


Please bookmark the Early Learning Portal Page: https://mycatholicschool.org/for-catholic-schools/catholic-identity/early-learning/


  • Face Coverings Reminder:
    As we approach the end of October I wanted to send just a couple of reminders on face coverings. The requirements have not changed, but want to make sure we stay vigilant. I know that nearly all programs are requiring our early learners to wear face coverings, even if the age guidelines do not require it and it has been amazing to see how well the kids are doing with keeping their face coverings on.
  1. All staff are required to wear face coverings.
  2. All children ages 5 years & up are required to wear a face covering unless medically directed to do otherwise.
  3. Children ages 2-4 are strongly encouraged to wear a face covering.
  4. Babies and toddlers under age 2 should never wear cloth face coverings
  5. Face coverings should not be worn during nap times
  6. During meals and snacks face coverings may be removed, but children should be at least 6 feet apart (if possible during good weather eating outside 6 feet apart is a great idea).
  7. The same requirements and age recommendations for face coverings apply for outdoor play, especially when 6 feet of socially distancing is not possible. (The only exception is vigorous activity, but in that case the vigorous activity needs to ensure 6 feet of distance).
  8. Many programs are using a song or code word as a reminder for kids to keep their masks on and positioned the correct way.


Thanks and please let me know if you have any questions!


  • Training and Article Resources:

As we build our new Early Learning Landing Page I am hoping that you can send me the following in order to build our resource library:

  1. Where do you find your Professional Development Opportunities – please send me links to newsletters, websites, blogs, ect that you use. Most current offerings on our Portal Page Professional Development tab – https://mycatholicschool.org/early-learning-professional-development-2/
  2. Articles: If you come across a good article please send me the link and I will add to our Resources and News Tab on our portal Page – https://mycatholicschool.org/early-learning-resources-and-news/


  • Picture Drop Box:

Thank you to those that have already uploaded pictures of their spaces to the Early Learning Drop Box. My hope is that you can take pictures of the layout of your spaces (including outdoor spaces if you want to include) and label your pictures by your site and upload to this dropbox link. Children are not required in these photos. The hope is that other leaders can flip through and get ideas about layout and equipment.



  • LICENSED: STARS Hours Timeline
    The new foundational quality standards states that STARS hours will now be calculated for the fiscal year rather than the calendar year.  This began on July 1, 2020.  Child care providers are still required to have 10 STARS hours. The new timeline for STARS hours is:

January 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020 – 10 STARS hours required of child care providers
July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021 – 10 STARS hours required of child care providers


  • LICENSED: Training and Education Reimbursement

Did you know that as a Licensed Child Care Provider that you and your staff are eligible for both In-Service Training Reimbursements and Education Awards? Please see the links below to learn more. The Training Reimbursement allows you to look at a larger variety of courses rather than just free courses (it can only be turned in once a year, but can have multiple trainings on it as long as the total stays under $250.00)




  • LICENSED: DCYF Grant and Professional Development Webinars

On Tuesday, October 20th DCFY has two different free webinars – if you are unable to attend to make the times the webinars will be posted following the trainings and I will link them to the portal page:

  1. DCYF COVID -19 Fall Grant Webinar for Licensed Programs – October 20th 1:00pm
  2. DCYF October Webinar – Professional Development Plans – October 20th 6:00pm

Thank you and have a great week!