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Child Outcomes and Family Engagement: Webinar Video

Professional Development, Training and Requirements: Webinar Video

Environment: Space and Furnishings, Activities and Safety: Webinar Video

Environment: Food, Nutrition and Health Practices: Webinar Video

Environment: Cleaning and Sanitation and Sleep and Rest: Webinar Video

Interactions/Curriculum: Learning Supports: Webinar Video

Interactions/Curriculum: Emotional Support and Classroom Org: Webinar Video

Interactions/Curriculum: Structure/Organization: Webinar Video

Program Administration/Oversight: Webinar Video

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DCYF and Resource Webinars

MERIT Account Management:
The Webinar highlights how to update personal data, Health and Safety Trainings, Employment and Education.

Updated MERIT Qualifications Dashboard:
The new dashboard will allow people to easily track qualifications and professional development progress. During this webinar, the PD team provides a demo of the updated MERIT dashboard.

Community Based Training Update – now known as PACE
During this webinar, the PD team covered what DCYF learned during the pilot phase, explained what the full experience of this pathway will be like, and how and when providers can complete this option.

Staff Qualifications:
During this webinar, the PD team will share more about the education pathways, including:

  • Overview of Staff Qualifications
  • Pathways to meet education requirements
    • How to indicate your selected pathway in the Workforce Registry, MERIT.
    • Learn the next steps for your chosen pathway, including the experience option.
    • Determine the steps you’ll need to take given the timeline for your role.
  • Training Requirements

Navigating the Career Planning Portal
The ECE Career Planning Portal supports individuals in the Early Learning field with: Providing education options, financial resources, locating education advisors and provide various professions available to you in the ECE field.  During this quick webinar we cover the following topics in detail:

  • Overview of all of the education options and pathways available to you
  • Scholarship and grant opportunities to help pay for college
  • Navigating the portal and highlighting recent updates made to the portal 

DCYF Training Portal Updates Webinar
The DCYF training site [lnks.gd] is getting updated. Watch now to see how these updates will help you the next time you complete training on the DCYF training site.

Try this quick drawing activity to ease anxiety:
This is a quick video (8 minutes) with a tool to help ease anxiety. But more importantly it comes from a YouTube series called “therapy in a nutshell” which has dozens of free videos with helpful tools for a variety of mental health challenges.