ACRE Religion Assessment Alignment Resources

Information for Growth – Assessment for Catholic Religious Education (IFG-ACRE)

Thank you to the schools that participated in the spring APRIL ACRE assessment! We are getting back on track with participation and your data will be coming to your school soon.

Once you have your building’s data snapshot, then what? The OCS has created some religion alignment tools that are suggested to use in 1-2 teacher meetings to study the scores in light of the OCS religion standards to determine strengths/ opportunities and next steps for your school.

ACRE – Test Alignment Directions

Grade 5: ACRE Chart Level 1 Alignment Concept and Standards

Grade 8: ACRE Chart Level 2 Alignment Concepts and Standards

High School:  1. ACRE Chart Level 3 Alignment Concepts and Standards Building upon the work of the middle schools using the middle school alignment document, high schools can then move fully into the the High School alignment chart. 2. ACRE alignment chart Level 3