School Office Mailing – June 2019

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Dear School Office Colleagues,

We made it to June!! We hope all your end of year celebrations, graduation ceremonies, and summer months are filled with joy and fun! Before students head off for summer break, we have a few items to highlight this month.

CLOCK HOURS FOR 2018-2019: the deadline for all clock hour documentation for the 2018-2019 school year is Friday, June 28. This includes all clock hour paperwork for any Christ in the Classroom Retreats completed this school year. Check here to find your school’s name for the Great Mysteries: The Sequel Retreat. If you’ve completed the retreat and do not see your school, you can still turn in sign-in sheets by JUNE 28th to be in compliance! Clock hour questions? Please visit: 

Click here to learn the growing 2019 Summer PD Offerings for faculty and staff!

STAFF LIST UPDATES: Please have your principal or delegated Aesop school administrators send staff list updates for the 2019-2020 school year to Eugenia Geisel by AUGUST 1st. If hiring additional staff members past that date, please update as hired. The information required will be as follows:

  • Staff Member Name
  • Position
  • Email
  • Work Phone (if applicable)

Additionally, please send names of those who will not be returning to your school for 2019-2020.

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We are circling back to our partners in the ARCHIVES OFFICE as we wrap up this academic year! Seth, Josh and Camille would LOVE to help you as you discern what to keep and how to keep it. NO QUESTION IS TOO SMALL! Their mission is to serve the information needs of the Church and research communities by preserving evidence of Archdiocesan corporate and ministerial activities, which enables continuity in policy and decision making, supports operations and programs, and facilitates historical research. Also oversees the management of current diocesan records, and guides parishes and schools in the administration of their own records programs. Please review attached summary of changes to the Records Retention Schedule for Archdiocesan Catholic Schools. These updates reflect feedback from school personnel, changes in legislation, and input from our legal team. Please make sure all appropriate staff in your offices are aware of them. The actual policies themselves are located here:

They are simply the BEST! Also, like them on Instagram  at seattle.archdiocese.archives

Mailing Address: 710 9th Ave, Seattle, WA 98104-2017
Seth Dalby, MAS 206-382-4352
Archivist/Records Manager:
Josh Zimmerman, MA 206-274-7660
Assistant Archivist/Records Manager:
Camille Davidson, MLIS (No Reference Assistance) 206-382-3480

June Key Events:

SAVE THE DATE! August 15th New Teacher Orientation & August 16th New Teacher Safe Environment Training – St. Philomena, Des Moines

June Checklist:

  • Register your team for the GRACE Forum using Title IIA funds
  • Register your GRACE team for next year with the OCS
  • Submit staff list updates to Eugenia Geisel by August 1st
  • Final Edit “School Finder” at
  • DON’T TOSS ANYTHING until you Review Records Retention Schedule for Archdiocesan Catholic Schools
  • 2019 New Principals’ Orientation – August 1 – 2, 2019: RSVP and attend, if applicable – contact Eugenia Geisel or Kelly Surapaneni
  • 2019 New Teachers’ Orientation – August 15th, and New Teachers Safe Environment Training – August 16th.
  • Plan for School’s Faculty and Staff In-Service Days in August
  • OSPI Compliance: Weapons Reporting for 2018-2019 will be mailed mid-May. Reports are due in July. This is a report of any weapons incidents at your school during the 2018 -19 school year. The form must be completed even if you have no incidents to report. OSPI link
  • School Summer Budget Review: .80 Roll up Budget report give to the local PAA then each parish will submit the Parish Annual Report to the Archdiocese on or before August 15.

THANK YOU for your hard work to open wide the doors to our Lord, Jesus Christ! Have a great SUMMER!!
If I can be of service, please contact me!

Eugenia Geisel