Frontline Absence Management: Overview for Substitutes

How do I become a substitute?

If you are new to our schools and are interested in subbing, please following these guidelines.

  1. View our Frontline Applitrack for our general On-Call Substitute position.
  2. To complete your application, you must complete the paperwork listed here.

I do not have a teaching certificate. Am I qualified to be a substitute teacher? 

If you do not hold a current WA state teaching certificate, you may still be qualified to be an on-call substitute in Catholic Schools. If you have an out of state certificate, a permanent substitute certificate, or a WA state certificate that is no longer current, you are most likely qualified to sub in our schools. If you are currently and actively pursuing certification, you are also likely qualified to sub in our schools. 

If you have an emergency substitute certificate, equivalent, or higher you are qualified to sub in our schools. You can obtain an emergency substitute certificate through OSPI with a bachelor’s degree. Please note that while OSPI may state that certification requires a request from your district, the Office for Catholic Schools is not a district and therefore cannot make that request. 

If you have a bachelor’s degree, there are sub jobs you may be qualified to substitute for, or in cases based on need. Please consult your local principal or the Office for Catholic Schools if you are still uncertain. 

How do I use Frontline Absence Management?

Frontline Absence Management is an automated system that helps connect teachers requesting absences, their administrators, and available subs to fill those absences. As a sub, you are able to sign in online, or respond to automated calls to accept or reject potential jobs. When you first start subbing, you will receive an email with your Login ID and your PIN number. Your PIN number acts as both your “password” to log in online and as a verification code for the automated calls. For more information, view this Getting Started guide for substitutes and additional information from the Frontline Learning Center.