Parent Ambassadors – Areas of Focus


Effective Parent Ambassador Programs are limited in their scope, it is recommended that school leadership limit the focus of the program to 1-3 Areas of Focus per year.  A school’s enrollment team can review this section together before setting Parent Ambassador goals for the year. 

Each of the following areas is discussed in greater detail in the attached document:

  • Admissions Events and Foot Traffic
  • Parish Presence and Outreach
  • Multi-Cultural Outreach
  • Office Support, School Help, & Facilities
  • Religious Education Outreach
  • Mentors for New Families

A discussion led by the Enrollment Team, should answer the following questions:

  • Does this Area of Focus fit into the vision that leadership has for the school?
  • Will this Area of Focus help us toward our Enrollment Target?
  • Will parents bring an authentic positive energy to this Area of Focus?
  • Which activities would be most helpful?
  • Who are the specific parents that will make this successful?
  • How can this Area of Focus be adapted to our school culture to make it more exciting?