Taskforce Updates

Dear Faculty, Staff, Parents/Guardians of our Catholic Schools,

As we begin this new year, I pray for peace in our country and in each of our schools.  May our Mother Mary, bless this time of unrest and help each of us bring the light of Christ to our world.

The Special Taskforce for Catholic Schools, focused on the Ministerial Covenant (employment agreement), is launching a survey to help inform their work and to assist them in providing recommendations to Archbishop Etienne. Please see the December and Fall 2020 Special Taskforce updates below this letter.  The hyperlink to the survey:

Archdiocese of Seattle Survey [nd.qualtrics.com]

The survey will also be available on the website of the Office for Catholic Schools for any interested parishioners who are not currently affiliated with a Catholic school.

Thank you for your cooperation and blessings upon the new year.


Kristin K. Dixon, Superintendent

Archdiocese of Seattle


Fall Update

Nominations finalized for taskforce