Mental Health OSPI – OSSI Resources- May 2019

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May focus: Mental Health

Setting the Stage: When we talk about mental health…terminolgy

Mental health: A state of well-being in which one realizes one’s own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life and self-regulate during stressful times, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to the community. (Adopted in 2016 K12 Health Learning Standards)

Mental disorder: A medical condition characterized by mental or emotional problems severe or persistent enough to interfere with daily functioning. (Adopted in 2016 K12 Health Learning Standards)

Behavioral Health Toolkit – Coming Fall 2019!

A Behavioral Health Toolkit is slated for release by OSPI this fall. The Toolkit, a product adapted from the state of Colorado to include Washington-centric information and learnings from OSPI Behavioral Health Initiatives, focuses on school-centric mental health promotion and substance use prevention strategies. Content will include:

  • The roles of common student support staff
  • Examples from districts that have leveraged funding to offer behavioral health services
  • Strategies for advocating for students with behavioral health needs

Developing school-based systems to meet student behavioral health needs is hard work. The toolkit’s purpose is to help schools in this endeavor.  Stay tuned to the OSPI channels for more information!

 School Mental Health Toolkit (2018). Mental Health Colorado

What are students telling us about their mental health?

As a perceptual survey, the Healthy Youth Survey is one of the few opportunities for students to enter their own data. On May 1st, the Department of Health released a press release highlighting student responses to questions related to mental health. Here is an infographic from their press release:

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