Pastoral Care during the Coronavirus Outbreak

As we continue to walk together this odyssey of a strange new reality known as COVID-19, I want to better utilize this blog as a means of being close to all of you.

God bless,
Archbishop Etienne

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Accessing the Daily Mass Online

Perfect Contrition & Spiritual Communion – English and Perfect Contrition & Spiritual Communion – Spanish

AT HOME WITH FAITH website from The Archdiocese of Seattle – Use this page and the At Home with Faith publications, to find resources to help deepen your family’s faith at home.

Help your Parish Stay Connected to share broadly

Thy Kingdom Come – Prayer Book to share broadly


Helping Our Neighbors most in need:  GoFundMe link

TACOMA – We have an urgent need for grocery cards at the Hospitality House. Safeway and Fred Meyer are the most convenient stores. Please consider ordering Safeway Gift Cards via our Amazon Wish List click here. If you prefer, please pick up Fred Meyer Gift Cards and MAIL them to the Hospitality House at: 1915 S. Sheridan Ave, Tacoma, WA 98405 Please DO NOT deliver groceries to the house. We are honoring the request for Social Distancing.


COV-19 Guidance – Archdiocese of Seattle

Guide To Self-Care Infographic-SCHOOLS – shared by the Mental Health Ministry Committee. IF YOU NEED SOMEONE TO TALK WITH, please reach out to  Infographic in Spanish

Guide to Self-Care Infographic-PARISHES – shared by the Mental health Ministry Committee. IF YOU NEED SOMEONE TO TALK WITH, please reach out to  Infographic in Spanish

Coronavirus Mental Health Resources – English – Arch of Seattle

Coronavirus Mental Health Resources – Spanish – Arch of Seattle

Tips for Maintaining Your Spiritual and Mental Health – ACE, Notre Dame

4 Core Priorities for Trauma-Informed Distance Learning
Social Emotional Learning Lessons for Distance Learning
NewsELA SEL Resources
Mood Meter App
Responding to DOMESTIC VIOLENCE DURING STAY HOME, STAY HEALTHY – Domestic Violence is an all too real part of the lives of many families. Parish leaders can and should play a role in protecting those at risk. Below are some resources that can help us begin to respond:
Archdiocese of Seattle Domestic Violence Resources
Link to When I Call for Help: A Pastoral Response to Domestic Violence by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

How can ministers, chaplains, counselors, and educators accompany people pastorally through this valley of anxiety, fear, and death?

Here are 10 brief guidelines. Excerpts from Eileen R. Campbell-Reed – Full article dated March 10, 2020 

PDF Version to share with your community.

1. Monitor and follow the health guidelines.

2. Be a non-anxious presence.

3. Show up for people, even if it’s not in person.

4. Listen in love.

5. Find ways to make community.

6. Help people take the long view.

7. Keep values alive.

8. Don’t be afraid to talk about death.

9. Pray.

10. Tag out.

As the situation continues to unfold, Bishop Mueggenborg is encouraging all of us to remember the marginalized, homebound, hospitalized, care givers and first responders through simple acts of kindness and gratitude. Catholics have the opportunity to manifest Christ’s love more than ever during these challenging times.  Here are some ideas to show this love:

  • Remember, we need to encourage our family and friends to stay home and stay well.
  • We urge you to encourage your people to make phone calls to homebound neighbors and local nursing home residents.
  • Offer to pray over the phone.
  • Offer to go grocery shopping for others.
  • Our homeless neighbors will be encountering more hunger as the local restaurants and catering companies begin to reduce the preparation of meals.  Increase giving to local foodbanks, CCS and St. Vincent de Paul.
  • Donate blood or plasma.
  • Purchase gas cards for your local nursing home or hospital healthcare providers and drop them off at the front desk as a thank you gift from the local Catholic church.

Thank you for your leadership during this time of uncertainty and anxiousness. St. Anthony pray for us!