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The Sacred Story Institute is dedicated to Missionary Discipleship Formation through the promotion of the 15-Minute Ignatian Examen and Confession.

Archbishop Etienne is the Ecclesisatical Advisor for the Sacred Story Institute lifting up two programs, Sacred Story Youth and True Heart-Young Adults.  The Archbishops heartily supports these Ignatian Spirituality formation programs and all materials which can be used in our Catholic schools. Please see letter: Archbishop Paul D. Etienne DD STL -Endorsement of Sacred Story Institute 10-17-19

Sacred Story Youth (SSY) Program: GOAL: Rescue our youth from digital distress in minutes a day, by incorporating Ignatian Meditation, Conscience Formation & Spiritual Discernment found in the Sacred Story Youth Program. Click here

Developed with the assistance of primary school educators across the United States, the Sacred Story Youth resources are meant for classroom and home use alike. The simple lessons introduce the core of the Ignatian Examen as Sacred Story Prayer and help young people understand the need for a daily relationship with Christ. Formation resources available for PreK through Grade 8.

  • Developed with the assistance of primary school educators across the US
  • For classroom, homeschooling, and general home use
  • Simple lessons designed to:
      • Develop daily relationship with Jesus
      • Introduce the Ignatian Examen
      • Learn discernment for vocations

True Heart: Young Adults Program: Intended for High School students and Young Adults – A Resource for Millenials, Gen-X, & Gen-Z Click here

  • Understand two fundamentally different directions one’s life might take: 1.Toward selflessness and God 2. Toward self-centeredness and away from God
  •  Help young adults discover their “True Heart”
  • Unhook from technology & connect with God
  • Learn to discern small and big life choices
  • Audio Meditations to practice Sacred Story Prayer
  •  Social Media Groups are available
  • Includes practices designed for one-off studies and retreats
  • Learn to use powerful night meditations to encounter God
  • Increase understanding and belief in the Blessed Sacrament

Missionary Discipleship Formation through the Sacred Story Institute – appropriate for all grades. To sign up for monthly newsletter and weekly meditation emails, please click here.

In gratitude to our primary contact and partner:

Rev. William Watson, SJ, D. Min. | President, Founder

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