Fall Data Collection

We are in trying times and we have simplified our data collection to be just the bare necessity. We previously sent out the Spring Data Collection, but fewer than half the schools completed it. We hope that those schools who have not completed the Spring Data Collection, will complete it in conjunction with the Fall Data Collection. This essential data is used primarily for the annual OCS Databook, which includes the required report to NCEA. It is also used to compile the Indices of Vitality, your annual individualized longitudinal report. We are asking that you complete these two online tasks by Sept. 23. After that date we will be sending or calling you daily. This task is not optional, if you are delegating this task to someone else, please forward this email to them immediately.

As a best practice, we suggest you first complete the attached Fall Data Collection Spreadsheet because the NCEA enrollment data must be equal in three different way. For example, the total sum of enrollment by grade must be the same as the total sum of students by race and again by ethnicity.

The online Spring Data Collection is still available at:

The online Fall Data Collection is currently available at:

If you have questions or problems related to OCS data collection, please contact Carl Swenson. We appreciate your work on this essential annual task,


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