Missionary Discipleship Institute “MDI” Racial Justice Lessons

Missionary Discipleship Institute – Grade 7 Updates

Responding to God’s call….  while adults are praying, studying, and responding to the racial justice conversations that continue, our MDI students are also invited into this important conversation and learning.

Sincere thank you to our MARYKNOLL partners who have helped us design, review, and complete 7 MDI racial justice lessons that are nested in the MDI 7th grade religion standards. Our MDI Teacher Companion, Lauren Hobbs, OLOG, Anna Clarke Johnson, our Maryknoll liaison, our MDI partner schools in Archdiocese of Chicago, and various vetted teachers and community leaders have worked and refined together to create 7 thoughtful and thought-provoking lessons for our 7th grade MDI students. MDI PRINCIPALS, please check in with your MDI teachers to see how these lessons and discussions are unfolding for your students.

  1. Racism in a Global Context
  2. Societal Privilege and Kingdom Privilege
  3. Privilege and Jesus’ Privilege
  4. Systemic Racism – Preferential Option for the Hurting
  5. Intersectionality
  6. What Story are we Telling?
  7. The Beatitudes

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