Complete Enrollment Verification for Fulcrum TAP 2021-22

Before Fulcrum can disburse TAP grants for the current school year (2021-22), two things needs to happen:

1. Each school needs to verify student enrollment in FACTS

One person from your school will need to login to FACTS, open the report shared with you and update it accordingly. The report is called “Enrollment Verification.” Detailed instructions on how to do this were emailed by Susan Ocoma on October 12th.

When you have completed this process, double check to make sure your info is accurate, then email to to let Fulcrum know enrollment verification is complete for your school. The DUE DATE is NOVEMBER 5, 2021.

2. COVID-19 Relief Fund Impact Report Submitted

If your school received COVID Emergency Relief Funds in 2020-21, you need to have an Impact Report on file for each grant received (Round 1 and/or Round 2). You can access report templates HERE. Please email or call if you are unsure about the status of your impact report(s). TAP funds will not be disbursed until all necessary COVID-19 Impact Reports are received.

A few notes:

•Link to video tutorial HERE. Password: 3%.5mNP^

•Only update records for students at your school. If a student is not enrolled at your school, please leave the enrollment verification columns blank or, if there is already a school listed, leave it there as is. Do not enter a different school even if you know for sure a student ended up there.

•The “Fulcrum Grant” and “Fulcrum Status” columns are informational only. Please complete enrollment verification for every student on your list regardless of the value in the grant or status column.

•If there is any funding remaining in the budget after all schools complete enrollment verification, we will add more grants in the order of the ranked list. It is likely we will add more grants which is why you need to complete enrollment verification for every student on your list and not just those who received grants.

•If your school has more than one TAP Coordinator, figure out who will do the updating. It’s not recommended to have multiple people doing this process, especially not at the same time.

•You need to complete these items by no later than November 5, 2021. I can only award more grants (if we need to) and disburse funds once all schools have completed this process.


Call or email if you have any questions.

Susan Ocoma – 206.683.8881 (cell) –

Savannah Hawk – 206.219.5826 –