Paycom Updates

The Paycom implementation is moving forward and your questions are being addressed:

  • Please make sure each of your staff has reset their Temporary Paycom Password and addressed their checklist items. This will not keep them from being paid, but could address some wrinkles in the pay process before the first Paycom Pay Period gets paid.
  • If you or any of the key leaders at your School/Parish have not been supplied the Manager or PAA credential that you need, please have your PAA or equivalent request it today from Payroll Services at   or   206-274-766
  • We have reached out to the Substitute Teachers who are set up in Ultipro so that they may address (1) above. If you become aware of a Substitute Teacher that has not received an Alert about Paycom and the two emails (like we received on 10/4), please let me know.
  • Four special Q&A Sessions for Payroll Managers are scheduled this week and next to address key Payroll Processor’s Questions. These were created for PAA’s or their designees, but you are welcome.  10/20 @9am, 10/21 @ 1pm, 10/27 @ 9am and 10/28 @ 1pm – all on the same link as the other training sessions.
  • One question that was raised was that Key Paycom Users could not see the Accruals for employees. The reason for this was that the prior payroll (in Ultipro) had not been processed yet. Once that payroll in complete in Ultipro, the accruals will be moved from Ultipro to Paycom.
  • More Scheduling –
    1. Pay Group 2 – First Paycom Pay Period 10/10 to 10/23, Paid 11/2, Accruals to move to Paycom on 10/19.
    2. Pay Group 1 – First Paycom Pay Period 10/17 to 10/30, Paid 11/9, Accruals to move to Paycom on 10/26.


If you have further questions about this transition, Payroll Services is the right direction to focus most questions.

Always feel comfortable directing you questions to me. If I do not know the answers, I will find them.

Blessed to be a part of this process,



John Sullivan | Assistant Superintendent for Financial Services

Office for Catholic Schools | Archdiocese of Seattle

O: 206-382-4860 | C: 206-702-4525

F:  206-654-4651