Fulcrum Foundation Update: Norcliffe Foundation and Shea Family Charities

Norcliffe Foundation: The Norcliffe Foundation has made a grant for the next three years in support of the school Partnership grant Program. This is an extension of a partnership that began in 2014. Schools can apply for this funding through the program at Fulcrum. No grade schools may apply directly to Norcliffe for funding. High schools will continue to go directly to Norcliffe. More information about this year’s School Partnership Grant Program will be coming in the near future. Questions about the partnership with Norcliffe can be directed to Conne Bruce, questions about the School Partnership Grant Program can be directed to Susan Ocoma.

Shea Family Charities: Many of you have heard of the construction projects at schools in the Archdiocese funded by Shea Family Charities. This is funding through a partnership between Shea, Fulcrum and OCS. This is not an application-based program; it is based on priorities set by Shea. Questions about this program can be directed to Conne Bruce.