Curriculum Sub-Committee 2022-23 – Assessments for Archdiocesan Schools

This committee will be meeting four times throughout the year, once in person and three via zoom. We will discuss and brainstorm assessment options that currently exist, analyze assessment options, view products and listen to representatives, and decide which assessment products to support going forward for 2023-24.

Although attendance at these meetings is optional for GRACE teacher leaders, we are asking that all subcommittee members have an awareness of when the meetings are taking place, read through all the meeting notes, and understand that we may solicit feedback from GRACE teacher leaders throughout this process.  If you are not a GRACE teacher leader, but would like to be on this subcommittee, please email Shauna Richards at and/or Justyna King .

Meeting dates/times and objective are listed below:

  • Meeting One – November 14th at 3:00pm to 4:30pm via zoom
    • Norms, committee purpose/mission, discussion about what works currently in schools/what does not; brainstorming options that exist in our schools currently, what are the minimum needs for OCS, for schools and for teachers.
  • Meeting Two – January 23rd at 3:00pm to 4:30pm via zoom
    • Choose 3 or 4 options to further discuss and research; find a point person for each assessment option, begin preliminary work on pros and cons of each, questions that we have, how well do these assessments meet the needs of our school data/teachers.
  • Meeting Three- March 6th in person from 9am to 3pm 
    • Introduction from each option- sales rep to come and discuss products (if not possible in person, set up a zoom call) to help give context to what they are providing and how it can be helpful to our Catholic Schools.  As a group, debate the merits of each product.
  • Meeting Four – May 8th – 3:00pm to 4:30pm via zoom
    • Decision and consensus – as a group we will develop a comparison chart for the various options and decide on the assessment product to support for the year 2023-2024 and into the future. Put together an executive summary of our findings and recommendations for OCS.

We look forward to an interesting and fruitful curriculum process discussion this school year.