Schwartz Newsletter- January 8th, 2024

Governance & Leadership Update

January 8, 2024


In case you haven’t had a chance to read last week’s newsletter, please take a moment to do so. Here is the link:


Important things to mention this week…


  • Principal Intent Forms were emailed over the weekend. Please complete the form and return it to me by February 1st. Thank you!
  • Out of Office: If you will be out of the building for more than a few days, please reach out to OCS and provide the name and contact information for the ‘principal designee’ while you are away. Thank you!
  • The school immunization requirement charts and Individual Requirements Summary document have been updated for the 2024-25 school year. They are posted in the Immunization Requirementssection on the school and child care immunization webpage The main change for the coming 2024-25 school year chart is:
    • Grade roll-up of the grandfathered Tdap age:
  • Grade 7-11 must have a Tdap at age 10+
  • Grade 12 can meet the requirement with a Tdap at age 7+
  • This is the last year some students will be grandfathered.

Have questions? Contact

  • Update on EANS I budgets in deficit: OSPI is currently in discussions with the US Department of Education and the Office of Financial Management (OFM) regarding the EANS I accounts of private schools. Some of these accounts have been pushed into deficit due to legislative action that diverted funds to implement WA’s universal public school lunch program. The Washington Federation for Independent Schools (WFIS) is advocating for a supplemental budget to support the private schools now in debt after spending their EANS I budgets as directed by OSPI and outlined by the federal program. Many private schools are concerned about their debt, resulting from the legislators diverting the funds. Please send me (Pam) an email if you have been impacted or denied reimbursement for previously approved items due to this situation.
  • Workers Comp Questions? If you have an employee who is injured on the job, please be sure to complete a Workers Comp Report. You can find the report form and directions here:

Insurance: Workers Comp – Archdiocese of Seattle (

  • Catapult is offering several webinars this month on the essentials of understanding equitable services through federal education programs for students attending private schools, including Title programs and IDEA services. You can find more information here.


Have a great week!


Pam Schwartz