MAP Winter Testing Professional Development – Feb. 7th 2024

Memo to Winter MAP testers:

Winter MAP testing is currently underway and the window for Winter testing closes on Friday, February 2nd. District reports will be available by February 5th.

The NWEA strongly encourages all schools to participate in Winter MAP testing for the purpose of formative data and continuous academic growth intervention. The Fall test provides strong baseline data and the Spring test provides strong summative data. In discussing this with our Catholic schools, some MAP coordinators and academic leaders have voiced the need for more information and understanding about the kind of information that Winter testing provides. The OCS is partnering with NWEA to provide all Catholic school educators an opportunity to learn more about Winter testing and to bring questions about the data that is provided by Winter results.

Please join us via ZOOM for a one-hour session hosted by Katie Doyle, NWEA director for Catholic School partnerships, to learn more about Winter MAP testing and how to best use the results, as well as to get an understanding of why Winter testing is important for continuous student growth. All attendees must register to attend. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the session however we encourage registrants to list specific questions when they register.

WHEN: Wednesday, February 7th, 2024 at 3pm-4pm

WHERE: Online

AUDIENCE: Anyone currently providing Winter MAP testing at schools and/or anyone interested in learning more about the merits of testing in Winter

Clock Hours are provided for registrants and attendees.

Thank you for your participation!