Schwartz Newsletter- February 26, 2024

Governance & Leadership Update

February 26, 2024

Link to last week’s update:

Important Dates

Please take a moment to read the latest bulletin from the State Board of Education that includes information on these and other upcoming deadlines/events.

  • February 29, 9–11am: Information Session for Participation in ESEA Federal Programs (Zoom link in bulletin link above)
  • April 1: Private Schools Applications Due


H.R. Info. Session this Week

Friday, March 1st, 12-1pm

Employee ENGAGEMENT with Matt & Kat (Human Resources)

Please join with questions and get information on Employee Engagement. The importance of engagement with your team and staff. There will be some good tools and content shared.

Microsoft Teams Need help?

Join the meeting now

Meeting ID: 219 669 372 418

Passcode: yYLQiT

It’s hiring season! Just a few friendly policy reminders…

  • All candidates need to apply through Frontline (even candidates from other Catholic schools)
    Be sure to seek recommendation/reference from the current
  • Provide transparent feedback when giving a reference to a colleague.
  • It’s not professionally ethical to offer a covenant if a teacher has signed with another school.
  • May 15th is the deadline for issuing covenants to current teachers.

The following is excerpt from last week’s Marshall Memo that you might find helpful…

Ten Principles for Holding People Accountable

In this Leadership Freak article, Dan Rockwell says 80 percent of leaders struggle to hold colleagues accountable. His suggested precepts:

  • Relationships – There’s trust and it’s clear you’re in it for the team, not yourself.
  • Expectations – People are clear on which goals are important and which are less urgent.
  • Competence– “It’s foolhardy to set high goals for incompetent people,” says Rockwell.
  • Motivation – People need to care about the task.
  • Ownership – They see its importance and care about doing it well.
  • Deadlines – These should be reasonable for novices, challenging for veterans.
  • Check-ins – Interim feedback happens at scheduled intervals.
  • Development – “Focus on learning and growth,” says Rockwell.
  • Recognition – Success is celebrated.
  • Consequences – When novices fail, there’s feedback and support. With veterans, there’s less mercy. “When you tolerate failure, you promote mediocrity,” says Rockwell. “People lose respect when you don’t stay true to your word.”


“8 in 10 Struggle Holding People Accountable” by Dan Rockwell in Leadership Freak, January 23, 2024


Have a great week!


Pam Schwartz