OCS Presents: Summer Series Lunch & Learns 2024

OCS Presents: Summer Series Lunch & Learns 2024

June 17th, 18th, and 20th

12pm-1pm online. Registration Required.

Lunch and Learns are 60 minute professional development (PD) opportunities directed towards educators and school leaders. Each Lunch and Learn has a different focus, and all teachers and principals are encouraged to join. These series will NOT be recorded. Some Clock hours will be available for participation.

We strive to make our Lunch and Learns accessible, implementable, and user-friendly for all teachers and schools. Topics we will be exploring this summer are:

Session 1 – June 17: Empowering Students to Be the Boss of Their Brains presented by Colleen Santoni, Educational Consultant, Northshore Learning

Do you have students who struggle with time management, organization, and planning for projects and assignments? Educators can maximize learning while minimizing frustration by teaching students the brain science behind executive function skills and integrating inclusive strategies essential for all students to succeed in the classroom and beyond. Learn more about strategies based on the newest research in neuroscience and education and how they can enhance success in your classroom.

Session Objectives:
· Participants will learn the neuroscience behind executive function skills all students need to be successful in today’s classroom.
· Participants will reflect on their own executive function strengths and areas for growth.
· Participants will learn updated strategies that can be used in the classroom immediately and are based on the latest brain science.

Who should attend:
PK-12 Educators who want to understand how developing executive function skills can benefit all students in the classroom.


Session 2 – June 18: Working with Neurodiverse Learners: Classroom strategies to support all students presented by Charles Xavier, Educational Neuroscientist, Northshore Learning

In this session, educators will explore specific ways to support students with neurodiverse learning profiles. By learning research-backed, strategic insights and strategies and reflecting on their prior experience working with neurodiverse learners, teachers will develop their efficacy to accommodate this student population and help
them succeed.

– Participants will learn research-based strategies and practices to support neurodiverse students in general education or inclusion classrooms.
– Participants will reflect on their work with neurodiverse students in the past, looking to identify strengths and areas of growth in these interactions.
– Participants will be able to adapt newly acquired strategies to support neurodiverse students.


Session 3 – June 20: Summer Recharge: Strategies to Support Teacher Wellness and Self-care presented by Colleen Santoni, Educational Consultant, Northshore Learning

In this session, educators will explore essential self-care strategies to prioritize their well-being during the summer break. The session aims to equip educators with practical tools and techniques to recharge, rejuvenate, and establish healthy boundaries to prevent burnout.

Session Objectives:
Understand the importance of self-care for educators’ overall well-being.
Identify personal self-care needs and establish boundaries to protect time and energy during the summer break.
Develop a personalized self-care plan incorporating realistic goals and actionable steps for the summer.

Who should attend:
PK-12 Educators who want to transition into the summer with a plan for recharging and self-care.