Congratulations to Centro Rendu – Our PAM Partner!

CONGRATULATIONS! Centro Rendu was a CCHD Grant recipient and is highlighted for their work in the following communicationn: CentroRenduCCHD- August2020

Centro Rendu: Centro Rendu, an SVdP program in South King County, provides case management, literacy education, and advocacy to increase stability, parent engagement, self-empowerment, and civic involvement for Latino families. Centro Rendu served 958 individuals with direct services.

Parent Ambassador Program (PAM): The Office for Catholic Schools (OCS) and St. Vincent de Paul of Seattle King County (SVdP) have formed a partnership to work toward making sure schools are accessible and welcoming to Latino– Hispanic families. Centro Rendu, a program created by SVdP in 2013, will manage the program for SVdP and work collaboratively with OCS. Centro Rendu provides Latino/Hispanic families with education, social services, and leadership development. Additionally, the Parent Ambassador Model (PAM) program is intended to help local schools welcome, train, mentor, and serve cultural communities, especially the growing Hispanic/Latino families throughout the Archdiocese of Seattle.

If your school would like to enter into the PAM Program, please contact Sandy Smith at or Mirya Munoz Roach, Executive Director, SVdP at