Lunch and Learns – Professional Development Opportunities

Lunch and Learns – Hosted by the Office of Catholic Schools


Lunch and Learns are 30 to 60 minute professional development (PD) opportunities for principals and teachers, typically held on Tuesdays at 12pm-1pm via ZOOM. Each Lunch and Learn has a different focus, and all teachers and principals are encouraged to join. All PDs are recorded for future reference and will be posted online for schools to access. Some PDs are limited to 200 participants.  Clock hours will be available for participation in our Lunch and Learns.

We strive to make our Lunch and Learns accessible, implementable, and user-friendly for all teachers and schools. Topics we will be exploring this year include: virtual Social-Emotional Learning strategies, Culturally Competent virtual classrooms, and implementing IEPs, 504s, and student support plans that align with virtual realities.

We hope to make these available to our diocese twice a month.

Our first Lunch and Learn, held on August 25th yielded over 160 registrations from schools throughout the diocese. We had participants such as principals, librarians, teachers, and specialists all join in – all are welcome! Keep an eye out for future Lunch and Learn opportunities! If you have questions about our Lunch and Learn series, please feel free to reach out to Justyna King at for more information.

Here is a link to our first Lunch and Learn PD from 08/25/2020, on Implementing Virtual Strategies for Social Emotional Learning , with speaker and life-long educator, Karen Skoog.

Here is a link to our second Lunch and Learn PD from 09/22/2020 on Educator Self-Care, entitled “Educators, Put On Your Oxygen Mask First!” with Jessica Werner.