Pam’s Newsletter 8.30.21

August 30, 2021


Dear School Leaders,

I hope that everyone had a chance to breathe a little over the weekend.  Here’s a few things to mention as we begin the week ahead:


Just a reminder that EANS applications (including any edits/revisions) are due on Tuesday, August 31st.   Please don’t leave any money on the table!  Information about the application instructions and claims reimbursement process can be found on Trello under ‘Resources.’ If you need assistance with your application, there are contacts listed in the document, or you can email one of the following individuals:

Amy Harris

Sheila Gerrish

COVID Information

  • Vaccination Exemptions: If you have any school employees who are considering requesting a medical or religious exemption for the vaccine, please encourage them to reach out to Human Resources ASAP to learn more about their options:
  • School Reopening Plans: All schools should have a COVID Reopening Plan that outlines their policies and procedures for families and staff (this can be a revised version of last year’s plan). Please be sure to communicate these plans to your community and email me a copy so we have it on file here at OCS.  We ask that you review the plan thoroughly with your staff as well before school begins.  A couple of situations have arisen where staff members have returned to school campuses while experiencing COVID symptoms or even after testing positive for COVID (to prep materials, get things from their room, etc.).  Please be sure all staff members understand they can NOT return to school even if no one else is expected to be around.  You may even want to consider having all employees sign off on your re-opening plan that outlines these expectations.  We will be talking more about what to include in reopening plans at Tuesday’s 11:00 meeting.
  • Positive COVID Cases: Just a friendly reminder to drop me an email if you have a positive COVID case in your school (students or staff). Please include the following information:
    • Is it a student or staff member? Grade level?
    • Has contact tracing been performed, and was anyone in close contact with the individual? If so, have all parties been notified and given appropriate direction?
    • Has the local health dept. been notified?
    • Any other info. you feel is relevant to know
  • CYO: All CYO coaches and volunteers are required to be vaccinated under the Governor’s mandate. The Safe Environment Coordinator for the school/parish will be in charge of verifying vaccination status for CYO coaches and volunteers.  More information will be coming from CYO soon.
  • Possible School Vaccination Sites in King County: King County Dept. of Health is interested in partnering with our local schools again this year to offer on-site vaccination services. If you hosted one last year, and/or if you are interested in do so this year, please email me.  Thanks!

Regular Student Vaccinations

I saw a news story the other day which reported that regular childhood vaccination rates have decreased significantly during COVID, and many children are behind on them.  It prompted me to send a reminder that students need to be up to date on their regular vaccinations in order to begin school in the fall.  Information about Washington state vaccination requirements can be found here.  Please reach out if you have any questions.

That’s all for now.  Thank you for all you do!  I’m keeping you all in my prayers and hoping for a smooth start to your school year.

Peace & blessings,

Pam Schwartz