Restorative Justice Work

How Restorative Justice Helped Make the Justice System Work Better in Seattle, an article by the National Catholic Register via an interview with our own, Joe Cotton!  This article highlights the implications of what we’ve learned from this pilot initiative focusing on a greater understanding between the intersection of behavioral health and ending the pipeline to prisons too.

The Archdiocese of Seattle participated in a pilot program in King County several years ago. The program centered on selected juvenile offenders, ages 15 to 17, whose crimes were serious enough to warrant detention (the juvenile form of jail) but not serious enough to warrant adult prison.

If the victim agreed to it, the offender could avoid lockup by participating instead in twice-a-month sessions over the course of a year. The goal wasn’t punishment so much as healing.

If you school would like to learn more about how to bring restorative justice programs, like Peacemaking Circles to your school community, please reach out directly to Joe Cotton at:

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