Registration is now open for Fulcrum’s Celebration of Light

Celebration of Light 5:30pm

Registration for Celebration of Light is now open here. This registration link is for the Banquet in the Ballpark, and your table guests.

We are excited to announce the Faculty and Staff Lounge! All teachers, staff and administrators will be invited to join us in the Faculty and Staff Lounge on the club level. Space is limited, so register early and let us know if plans change. In order to include as many faculty and staff members as we can, we are unable to offer any registration spots to guests of attendees, including spouses and significant others. Thank you for understanding.

NOTE: The registration link for the Celebration of Light is different from the registration link to the Faculty and Staff Lounge. Please make sure you are using the correct link when registering. Registration link for the Faculty and Staff Lounge is here.

 Questions:         Nicole Gummow                                                          Conne Bruce

                              Event Manager                                                             Advancement Director


                              206.748.7983                                                               425.922.0010