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CIC: Christ in the Classroom – Our Catechetical Certification Program in the Archdiocese of of Seattle for Catholic Schools

The Christ in the Classroom Program integrates catechetical core content extracted directly from the PreK – 8 Religion Curriculum and Standards and the 9 – 12 Religion Standards developed by the Office for Catholic Schools, as well as instructs, informs, proclaims, and celebrates the clear purpose that the person of Jesus Christ is the central reason for each Catholic school.

There are 2 parts to the OCS Catechetical Certification Program: CIC Foundation and CIC Level 1. Please visit the Curriculum Section 2 of the OCS Policies for specific guidance. During Covid-19, it is uncertain when we will be able to come together for in-person CIC Retreats. We are designing a CIC local retreat for the October 16th Professional Development Day.

The CIC Foundation On-Boarding Toolkit is available to use every year to introduce and remind new faculty/staff of the GREAT MYSTERIES of our faith which are the core framework of CIC.  This link requires a username/password to access content.

CIC Level I Overview: CIC Level I is minimally required for teachers of religion and elementary school principals to strengthen our catechetical knowledge of the Catholic faith so we can pass on the gift our faith to our students. The OCS is in partnership with the Augustine Institute using the online platform teaching the Symbolon Series. Please read the CIC Level I Overview carefully to study the details of the Symbolon Series and how schools can enter into the program.  The registration process is now open through the principal to secure appropriate numbers of license subscriptions for faculty and staff. 


  • If your school is new to Symbolon, please click here to sign up and order your school’s license subscriptions. Our primary contact at the Augustine Institute is Stacy Wendt, Manager of Symbolon, W: 630.246.2223
  • If your school as a teacher who has transferred into your school and has an established Symbolon subscription, we can help you transfer that active Symbolon subscription to your school, please contact
  • If you are underway and need any kind of CIC support, please contact Connor Geraghty or Stacy Wendt.

The Teaching of Religion

Mission Effectiveness

Each year, schools are asked to study, review and identify how 2 Catholic Identity Standards are activated in your school communities as described through the WCEA Catholic Identity standards. This year, all schools are asked to review the two 2022-2023 CI Standards focusing on PRAYERS-SACRAMENTS;SACRAMENTALS and SIGNS, SYMBOLS AND SACRAMENTS .  This worksheet has been designed to assist you in this review and to help prepare you for the Catholic Identity section on the annual progress report: 2022-2023-CI-Standards-Focus-WCEA.

The Authenticity of the School’s Catholic Identity: This principle of WCEA accreditation holds that a school’s Catholic identity ought to be authentic. Here, ‘authenticity’ has to do with a school’s two-fold orientation: toward God and toward human life. That is, in all its understandings and operations, the Catholic school is simultaneously oriented toward God (as he is worshiped and believed in the Catholic Church) and toward the formation of a human being – within himself and in relation to others. This is a formation in Christ and in culture. Source: E3 2016 Accreditation Protocol, WCEA, pgs. 1-2.