Religion and Family Life Textbooks and Planning

While you are preparing to close out this year, it may also be a good time to review Religion instructional materials to better address current instructional needs of your buildings, PreK-12.

We are receiving inquiries from parents aabout what/how and when we teach family life in our Catholic schools. With the new state law launching soon, many parents are concerned about the depth of health classes at the public schools because they disagree with the state’s new requirements for sexual education. Benizger Family Life materials are available for schools and parishes to review. The Benziger Family Life program is approved by the USCCB so you can build a plan and then add parent formation/education oportunities throughout the year. Deacon Eric Paige is a wonderful resource to assist in you in creating the right parent education sessions to support your parent comuninity as the primary educators of the faith. For more information, 

Chaste Living – Family Life:  Please review the Chaste Living Religion standards for K-8 at Catechetical-Formation-in-Chaste-Living-aligned-to-OCS-PreK-8-Religion-Standards.pdf . High schools, please visit: High School Religion Standards – My Catholic School

Religion textbooks are selected from the USCCB Conformatiy List for Catecheticial matters. Conformity Review List | USCCB For all comprenesive inforamtion about religion instructional suport, please visit: Religion Curriculum – My Catholic School

Chaste Living – Family Life Implementation Plan: Family-Life-Policy-and-Implementation-Guidelines-2018.pdf ( This information helps a school come back into family life and build a framework and foundation over time.

Benziger Family Life from RCLBenziger is the only approved family life material. Our representative is Janet Schmit, School Sales Representative. Janel is happy to assist you in profesional development and training with new materials. RCL Benziger [] P 916-335-988 E